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The mentally and physically healthy, satisfied, positive thinking employee is the key to the company's success ...

Doctors-for-Vitality is a site where complex and effective corporate programs are born with a novel approach.

The online personal development of employees combined with employer’s support based on anonymous data is the real key to success.

We harmonize the company’s goals with the employees’ needs highlighting their strengths and developing their weakest points, focusing on the physical and mental aspects of their health.

Doctors-for-Vitality: a professional and cost effective solution for You.




Recent research shows that should the employer spends more on the health benefits of its employees, every dollar spent on this purpose will bring three times as much.*...

In 2006, in connection with the corporate health programs the following questions were raised by one of the members of our medical group:

  • why do companies spend their money on screening if prevention is well-known to be more cost-effective?
  • why do health care companies offer „screening packages” which barely depend on individual risk factors?
  • Why do companies organize trainings and other activities which don’t reflect the real needs of their employees and thus don’t affect the workforce in the most appropriate way from the aspect of the company either?

The answer was obvious: there was no appropriate complex program available...

In 2007 our medical group, 'Doctors for Vitality' created and in the following years launched a health program which most optimally develops the full spectrum of health from the perspective of companies and their employees , supported by scientific data.

Our program 'Pulse for Business' deals with the following issues:

  • as it aims to develop the individual lifestyles of employees, it creates a personal development plan for them.
  • because it suggests only medically tested screening corresponding to individual risk factors
  • because it recommends trainings which ensure profit

All this for the fraction of the costs of a manager health screening.

  • How to motivate employees to prevent health conditions by a positive attitudes, better stress management skills and a healthy lifestyle?
  • How to avoid spending money on unnecessarily expensive screening tests?
  • How to enhance employee awareness of choosing a healthy lifestyle in order to create healthier human resources?


...Naturally, it cannot be claimed as a general fact, as it definitely does matter what health services the company spend its money on...

What can the company expect from the program?

  • a really cost effective health care program
  • better stress management skills
  • healthier workforce
  • a more positive corporate image
  • increasing motivation
  • less burn-out
  • less absence from work
  • increased work performance
  • increased stress tolerance



Napoleon Hill


...The 'Doctors for Vitality' has created a unique compley health program called 'Pulse for Business ©'...

We want to be healthy, but we don’t exactly know what and how we are supposed to do. We often hear about diets, an active lifestyle, calories, yoga, juice fasting, detoxication and additives. We are affected by various suggestions, experts, commercials, magazines or friends give us lots of advice . Pros and cons, tricks, tips talk to us about how to live more healthily. Who to believe? What should we pay attention to?

The harmony of body and soul can lead to a healthy and balanced life. Working for this harmony and unity is the essence of a healthy lifestyle. To develop this healthy lifestyle physical and emotional self-awareness is inevitably necessary. General advice and the various techniques/methods cannot be followed by everybody in the same way, as every human being is different.

Therefore the first step is to become aware of our own lifestyle. Our test will assist you to do this.

The second step is to receive individually tailored adviced based on real scientific facts still easy to understand. In one week after the completion of the test, the results and suggestions will be available to all participants.

The third step is to get help to decide which screenings are recommended to us – according to our risk factors, lifestyle, age and gender. These suggestions will be described on the summary page of our program’s personal evaluation.

The fourth step is to receive advice on how to handle our recurrent psychological-stress management- lifestyle related problems.

Beside all this, if our companies– where we spend most of our time – organizes trainings and programs which target at our really existing difficulties and strives to work in the interest of their greatest asset, their employees, we can definitely talk about a big step forward. The employer is supported in this by our corporate diagnosis system which we prepare using thousands of strictly anonymous data. It shows to the company what the employees exactly need to live a balanced, more complete, positive and healthy life.





...which, by revealing the unexploited capacities and by strengthening the weakest points from several aspects, brings the strengths and goals of employers and employees together...

The structure of the program:

1. Analysis of blood samples and body parameters on agreed site(extensive laboratory test (26 parameters); weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure, etc).

2. Anonymous online test. The main issues are: nutrition, stress (at work and at home), stress management, personality types and emotions (psychological immunity), addictions (smoking, alcohol), habits regarding medical examinations(check-ups, vaccinations, alternative therapies), sleeping and sunbathing habits, physical activity and recreation.

3. Preparation of individually tailored development plan. The evaluation of the test is ready within a few days. Each participant receives a detailed evaluation which is available online. The main issues are evaluated based on the individual's "vitality". The evaluation consists of a detailed written assessment - development plan and an individual summary sheet. The individual summary sheet lists which risk group the employee belongs to and the suggested screenings based on medical evidencies.

4. Corporate diagnosis. The results are reported anonymously to the employer , making it measurable and later monitorable. The complex corporate diagnosis is based on thousands of data. We provide an overall picture of the workers’ health, the main health problems, the most common stress factors and main capability-areas which need to be improved by the indicated essential health care- and other activities. Our goal is to identify the unexploited capacities from the widest possible perspective, strengthen the weakest points and by doing so harmonize the strength- goals of the company and its employees.

5. Preparation of tracking program proposal. We indicate those personality development, stress management, lifestyle trainings and nutrition, physical activity, addiction-related activities which aim/target at the joint development of the company and its employees based on the employees’ individual qualities. Upon request, we organize these activities and trainings and we are also ready to work out and perform a complex medical CSR program.



...and as a result, the expenses invested in health programs will make real profit.

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